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Main Characteristics and Classification of Paper Machines

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  The whole set of equipment that makes pulp form paper sheet is called papermaking machine. It belongs to the equipment fittings category, including headbox, net part, press part, drying cadre, calender, paper reel machine and transmission part, and auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication and heat recovery. Paper is in contact with us every day, and the demand is increasing. Therefore, the status of paper machine is also increasing. Now let China Paper Industry Network Xiaobian introduce its main characteristics and classification.

  Main features: Pulp water suspension which meets the requirements of papermaking can be dewatered and formed through filter screen, mechanical extrusion dewatering and drying, and then made into paper machine. Paper machine includes three main parts, forming, pressing and drying, and equipped with necessary finishing, winding and transmission devices, as well as pulp supply, pulp and white water circulation, vacuum, ventilation and exhaust, paper loss treatment and lubrication, automatic control and other auxiliary systems. The specifications of paper machines are often expressed by the width of the paper made, the width of the copper mesh and the optimum working speed. Modern large papermaking machines can make up to 11 m wide, work at speeds of more than 1000 m/min, produce hundreds of tons of paper per day, and the weight of the whole machine is more than 1000 tons, up to more than 100 meters. Small papermaking machines are widely used in developing countries as well as in the production of some special paper. They are 1-3 m wide and work at speeds ranging from tens to 200 meters per minute.

  Basic Classification: Paper machines are customarily divided into long net, round net, clamping net and long net mixing according to the type of paper shaper used; paper machines are also divided into cultural paper machines (including newsprint), cardboard machines (including packaging paper), toilet paper machines and special paper machines according to their main product varieties; or paper machines are divided into thin paper machines, cardboard machines and conventional paper machines according to the thickness of paper produced. 。 The above is the introduction of Xiaobian.

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