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Paper machine that can turn waste into treasure and reuse waste paper for many times is a magic weapon of energy saving and environmental protection.

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  We have all seen papermaking, which is one of the four great inventions of our country.

  The raw material of paper is also from trees. For environmental protection, we will choose to reuse the paper, but eventually these will become garbage. So what can we do to make the paper we have used more often?

  EPSON, a well-known Japanese printing equipment manufacturer, has built a paper recycling machine, PaperLab, based on the concept of environmental protection. This machine can crush used paper and make new clean paper.

  PaperLab is 1.43 meters long, 2.85 meters wide and 1.82 meters high. It can be placed in any corner of the office at will. It covers a small area and does not need any additional parts. When in use, just put the waste paper into the carton, press the button, wait about 3 minutes, and the machine will start to work.

  Then 14 clean reusable sheets of paper are produced every minute. PaperLab uses dry fiber technology, crushes waste paper thoroughly, decomposes it into fibers, and then adds bleaching agent to evenly process the paper color. In the absence of water, new paper can be produced. Besides white paper, users can also add other color agents. After that, the color of the paper is more abundant, and the size and thickness of the paper can also be based on their own needs. Choice.

  Placing such an environmentally friendly machine in the office can make paper reusable, which reduces pollution and costs. The company also said that only two PaperLabs were needed for an office building to meet daily needs.

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